Picking Your Favorite Grinder

image of old fashioned hand crank coffee grinder

Choosing the right coffee grinder can be a challenge for many people because they don’t know what to look for. Some individuals make the mistake of going with the first or cheapest option they come across. You need to take some time and choose a coffee grinder that will be able to meet your needs. The type of coffee grinder you choose will affect the final product. Not all coffee makers brew the same way, and no two coffee grinders are the same.

Grinding coffee at home is the perfect way to make fresh coffee. You get to control every aspect of the process from grinding to the time between grinding and brewing. Coffee beans will begin losing their flavor once they are ground, making it a good idea to grind at home. The pre-ground coffee you buy in the stores will go stale quickly even if they are stored in the fridge. Storing the beans as a whole will keep the oils intact.closeup of the artful decoration of the milk foam on a cappucino

Types of Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders crush coffee beans into powder. The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee. The strength of the coffee will also depend on the coffee used and the degree the beans have been roasted. There are two main types of grinders: burr grinders and blade grinders

Burr Grinders

They compress and crush coffee beans to produce a more consistent ground grain. There is a control built in that allows you to fine tune the type of grind. They cost more than blade grinders, so it is not the best choice if you are on a tight budget.

Blade Grinders

These grinders use a blade that spins at high speed and chops the beans. It is less exact when compared to a burr grinder, causing the grounded beans to be a little bit inconsistent. They are very compact making them the perfect choice for people who have less counter space or those looking to ground their coffee no matter where they are. They are cheaper and can easily fit into almost any budget.

Different models of coffee makers will need the beans grounded to a given level before they function properly. Some grinders have a setting that correlates to the mill type. Coarse grinds will work well for a French press or percolator. Fine and medium will work well for drip coffee makers, while extra fine can be used for espresso or Turkish coffee.

Choosing a coffee grinder can seem hard, but it is not, provided you know what to look for. What considerations should you make?

picture of the scoop used to get the roasted coffee out of the oven


You will have a broad range of options to choose from depending on the budget you have set. There are different models of coffee grinders and will cost will vary. The more features a coffee grinder has, the higher the price. Going with a cheaper model that has fewer features will still do a great job. A blade grinder is the best place to start because they are not expensive. Never overlook inexpensive burr grinders as well.

If you are a little bit serious about your coffee you can compare the Breville smart grinder pro vs Baratza Virtuoso. Both are relatively inexpensive and among some of the best coffee grinders


You can sometimes be forced to make your choice considering the space more than budget. If you have a small cabinet, it can be a good idea to consider other options like coffee makers with built-in grinders. This will give you the chance to maximize the space you have.


If you want to use the grinder for other things such as grinding spices, then going with an inexpensive option. You can buy two cheap grinders with one to be used for coffee and the other for food items. Choosing grinders that have storage will allow you to grind a lot of coffee at a go.

Choosing a grinder will boil down to three main factors, budget, space, and usage. It is always helpful to read some coffee grinder reviews before buying.